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5 Incredibly Important Things To Know About Buying Pre Construction Condos

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The Greater Toronto Area’s condo market is enjoying its peak right now. Today, it has become one of the largest pre construction markets in North America. If you are thinking of making an investment in one of the

pre construction condos in GTA

, learn and understand the things associated with the purchase of a condominium.

As the name suggests, a pre construction condo is a structure under construction. You may think that hardly anything can go wrong while buying a condominium. The truth is that you must know several things to ensure you make the right purchase.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or a first-time buyer, there are some risks associated with buying pre construction condos you may face. However, you can avoid those risks and save a huge amount of money by taking advantage of the information shared by experts from the industry.

Long-term Investment

When you buy a pre construction condo, you may have to wait for several months before getting the possession. It can be your first home or only second property type, consider it a long-term investment. The condominium will help earn money only after a long time.

Flexibility in Deposit

One of the significant reasons investors go for condos is the flexibility in the deposit structure. Although the average is 20%, you can negotiate it with a company behind the project. Other benefits associated with these pre construction structures include no worry about taxes, mortgage payments, maintenance fee, and insurance.

VIP Launches

Usually, companies launch pre construction condominium projects in phases. The first phase involves VIP launches, which may involve friends and families of a company or initial investors. Several companies in GTA whose projects are under development allow investors to be on the VIP launch list by making an investment during the initial phase of the project.


Pre construction condo projects are grabbing the attention of many investors these days due to the modification features that come with these structures. As you make an investment during the initial phase of a project, you come to know how your condo will look when completed. This ability allows you to think of a plan to reconstruct the condo as per your convenience and need. In many cases, you can modify the structure during the construction phase.

Delays are Inevitable

One of the few problems linked to pre construction condo projects is the delay. Although companies give a deadline for possession, it can be shifted. So, always be ready for the delay.

However, you can eliminate the risks of delay by investing in a reputed construction company’s project. Before making an investment, collect information on a project, the company behind it, and the property under construction. Go ahead with the purchase you are 100% sure.


Pre construction condos are a safe, profitable investment when you take the right steps and remain alert while making an investment. Consider all the terms and things linked to it to make sure you reap the structure’s benefits in the long run.

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