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6 Reasons Why Freehold Townhomes are Smart Investments

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Owners of freehold townhomes have ownership like a private home and modern benefits of condo living. But, is it a wise investment? Find reasons why to invest in a freehold townhome.

When we talk about the best regions in Canada for property investment, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is probably the first name that strikes our minds. Today, when the world’s real estate industry is struggling due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, the GTA’s housing market is showing staggering growth in different sectors. And, one of them is freehold homes.

Many investors and potential homeowners are investing in freehold homes in Vaughan, Brampton, Barrie, Mississauga, and other GTA regions.

What are Freehold Townhomes

In the simplest way, a freehold townhome can be described as a home attached on both sides. It has all the features and benefits that you find in a detached house.

Advantages of freehold townhomes are:

  • They provide you with 100% control over the home.
  • You can upgrade, maintain, and decorate your freehold townhome as per your choice.
  • You don’t need to pay an extra fee – like what you do in case of a condo.
  • They are in great demand today, which makes them a high-profit investment option.

Why Invest in Freehold Homes

When you buy a freehold home, you invest in a structure built on the land. There can be multiple floors, shared walls with other freehold homes, and shared parking.

Freehold townhomes in Brampton, Vaughan, Barrie and other GTA regions are very popular among potential buyers these days. And, there are multiple reasons you should invest in these townhomes too.

Complete Control

One of the most amazing things about investing in a freehold townhome is that it gives you complete control over the building. You have the freedom to make changes to the home and design it as per your needs – as long as they are according to the local building ordinance.

Control Over Interior and Exterior

Being an owner of a freehold townhome, you are free to make any changes to your home-related to the interior and exterior. Here, you don’t need to take permission from your neighbour. For example, you can build a shed or add a deck.

All you need to ensure is that you don’t break any local building guidelines.


Condos are a cost-effective property option, but they do not provide you with as much privacy as you get in a detached house. However, a detached home is an expensive deal. When you want the privacy feature but at the cost of a condo, then freehold townhomes make an ideal investment option.


As discussed, freehold townhomes are a more cost-effective investment option than private houses. It means you get the facilities of a private home at a cheaper price.

Apart from that, as many companies are offering freehold townhomes in Mississauga, Vaughan, Barrie, and other GTA regions, you can strike a cost-effective deal to purchase your home without disrupting your budget.


Freehold townhomes are a hot investment option in GTA’s real estate industry. When doing your research, you’ll come across many companies that offer lots of freehold townhome options. In addition, there are companies too that offer pre-built townhomes – which is a more cost-effective investment option than ready-to-move ones.

Secure Neighbourhood

A freehold townhome project includes many homes in a community. It means when you purchase a unit, you’ll have neighbours living close to your home. It provides a sense of security.

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