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Things To Know About Assignment Sales in Real Estate

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An assignment sale is a contract or the sale of a property. It is usually associated with a pre construction structure that hasn’t been registered yet. If you’re thinking of assignment sales in Toronto or any city in Canada, there are some things that you must know.

Ontario’s real estate market is huge and fascinating. It is filled with lots of complex terms that are, sometimes, hard to understand even for investors, leaving end-users aside. 

For example, a lot of people in Canada get confused when they are asked about assignment sales in Toronto, Brampton, or any other city in Ontario. What assignment sales are exactly? Who are they related to? And, when do they take place?

Let’s find out:

What is an Assignment Sale?

A new condominium sale that occurs between a buyer, seller, an assignee, and the assignor is called the assignment sale. 

The assignor purchases a pre construction condo from a developer with the motive to sell it before the project is completed. For that, the assignor works with a broker to find potential assignees. 

After getting proposals from multiple assignees, the assignor selects one of them and seeks the developer’s approval. When approved, the assignor sells the interest, which is also known as the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS). When the entire process is completed, an assignee becomes the new owner of the condo unit.

Assignors will have several reasons to sell an assignment. 

  • They may be investors looking to make some profit. For example, investors in Brampton can be assignors who deal in assignment sales in Brampton to earn a profit.
  • They may be buyers who no longer believe a unit is able to suit their lifestyle or living requirements.
  • They may be individuals who aren’t able to close.

On the other hand, assignees usually become a part of the deal to get a condominium quickly.

Why Would Someone Want to Assign a Condo Unit?

In the case of pre construction condos, there’s a huge time gap between the first phase of a contract, when a buyer can move into a condo, and when the deal closes. During the entire process, several things may change for a buyer – including their lifestyle and choice of a unit to live in. Assignment sales allow potential buyers to get a unit in the quickest way. 

Another reason to go for assignment sales in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, or other regions in Ontario where property prices are high in finance. In many cases, the original buyer or a unit doesn’t have the funds to close a deal. Assigning it to another buyer is a cost-effective option.

What Can’t be Negotiated in the Assignment Sale?

In the case of assignment sale, a new purchaser takes the place of the original buyer, which means the cost and terms related to a unit cannot be negotiated. Also, they have to agree on the deposit decided by the builder.

If you are thinking of assignment sales in Toronto, then these are some things you must consider. From marketing restrictions to original cost and approval from the builder, multiple things need to be taken care of.

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