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Toronto, a multicultural community, is known for its quality healthcare, IT companies, amazing lifestyle, perfect weather conditions, and affordable housing. From free healthcare to inexpensive pre-construction condos, there are plenty of reasons behind Toronto being a favourite city for many people to move in. A report in 2019 reveals that…

A condo status certificate provides all the essential information a potential buyer requires about the condominium. Here, some of the factors involved are the condo’s management structure, legal issues (if there are any), insurance, daily expenses, budget, future repair, etc. Whether buying a resale condominium or one of the pre-construction…

Investing in a pre-construction condo is both exciting and daunting. There are several things that may worry you. First, they are not built yet. Second, pre-construction condos in one project can be different from each other in terms of features and amenities. Third, there is a risk of construction delays.…

Are you planning to buy a condo? Should you invest in pre-construction condos or think of resale ones? In this article, you’ll learn about a pre-construction condo and understand why it is a better investment option. Investing in a home has always been a wise move. The idea is that…

The terms apartments and condos may seem similar to each other since they are related to accommodation, but the two are a way different from each other. If you are thinking of buying one of them, it is essential to understand the differences between them before signing a lease. Getting…

]If you are thinking of investing in Oshawa property, you are making a smart decision! Treasure Hill Homes offers the opportunity to get Modern Town condos that come with the highest standard of excellence. With the availability of 84 homes, the project is scheduled to provide occupancy by March 2023.…

A project under Crystal Homes & Fernbrook Homes, Nuvo Condos belongs to a new condominium project. Nuvo Condos in Oakville are ready to move, luxurious, and available with dozens of exciting features for potential buyers looking for new investment opportunities. Located on Bronte Rd & Dundas St W, the project…

A brainchild of Options Development, Nahid on Kennedy are Pre-construction condos for sale at 615 Kennedy Road, Toronto. As per Options Architects, who have designed these 10-storey retail and residential condominiums, the project will have 213 unique layouts, resplendent facilities, and a wide range of neighbourhood amenities. For years, several…

Keep yourself surrounded by conveniences and opportunities! Choose modern downtown condos directly by the sales representative as your new home. These condos are perfectly situated in some of the most exciting neighborhoods, offering all the best benefits of living downtown, including, gyms/fitness centers, community centers, on-site dry cleaning, grilling stations…